Sunday, 29 April 2012

Free Grub for Robin

A friendly robin visited us during Saturday's session at the allotment. With hungry chicks to feed, every overturned spade of earth was closely examined for tasty, bite sized morsels to take back to the nest. It is amazing how close proximity these birds come in time of need, and this one had the classic spade handle pose off to a tee.

Thanks go to Helen and Paula for the photo and free grubs.

Friday, 20 April 2012

new things happening on site

Its a while since I've been on site and I'm amazed at the changes and new developments.
The sensory garden is soon to be developed by students at Arthur Mee in a plan to re invigorate what we have and add in more Bee friendly plants. The students will be fund raising for plants, blogging theri activities as well as growing and planting.Watch this space for the changes...
Alan from the 'Grow and Grow' project has been working on site with different groups and DIG IN volunteers to upgrade and revamp our composting, create new wooden beds for groups and the odd table and chair!He has also been working with volunteers to create bug boxes. The wildflower area will be developed this year and a start has been made to create a wildlife haven near the bee hives.Im really looking forward to recharging our wildlife batteries and making DIG IN an oasis for our wildlife as well as our local people.
Ducks seal of approval
Despite ghastly weather activity has carried on apace at Dig-in. Wed 11th had volunteers making bee boxes in the polytunnel under guidance from Alan W. Sat 14th sev people including new volunteer Paula came. This Wed (18th April) saw 12 people on site sowing seeds in p/tunnel and dashing out to work outside between showers.
But the best thing was that after most people had left a pair of mallard ducks was spotted on the pond! They stayed long enough to be snapped by Debhbie.This is surely a sign that our pond is truly wildlife friendly
I'll try to upload the pic but not sure of my IT skills.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Reachout celebration

On Wednesda y 29thMarch, as well as the usual 14 volunteers, lots of people from Tracey's Reachout Project came to celebrate what has been achieved through the project. I'm sure Tracey can tell you all those who came.
Tracey, Kathy Holmes and I brought an array of food made with garden produce, including pumpkin puddings, plum fairy cakes, courgette & lime loaf and Tuscan bean stew. The sun shone and it was all lovely. Here are a few pix (if I can remember how to do it!)