Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Minus Three Degrees!

Well, we thought about cancelling today, but didn't and we had 6 people turn up! We had two tea breaks and moved lots of the brash from the tree-cutting on Saturday's mega 11-people session. Just about kept warm!
Here's a few pics of the snow.

 Foxy footprints - nicer 'evidence' than what we occasionally find!

Yep - there's a pond under there. Martin broke the ice to let oxygen in. David took loads of weed out last week and has started pond-dipping platform repairs for the school visit season.

 Raised beds...

Sunray Beds... I like the patterns on the plastic sheeting!

And here's some real sunrays! Spot the icicles though!

Willow Wreath Workshop

We had a great time at our Willow Wreath Workshop back in December! Scroll down to see how we made them (look out for some expressions of intense concentration - it's not easy!) and look out for our super-crafty wreaths at the end.

First you get your willow, and twist it into a ring...
...Kathy makes it look so easy!
Roy getting to grips with willow.
It helps to pre-bend your willow!
Angela choosing decorations.
Lots of choice!
Even slices of orange.

Done it at last!
Now to decorate it...
A pair of super wreaths ready to go home and go on the front door.
Didn't we have a lovely time!