Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Flower of the Day

This lovely Verbascum wanted its photo taking today, so I had to oblige.  Its just one of the flowers we have growing in the sensory beds at Dig In.  Striking yellow flowers with a contrasting pink middle, a real beaut.

While visiting another allotment this afternoon I saw this honeybee feeding on sea holly and also got some ideas to bring back to Dig In.  Its always interesting to see what others are doing with their plots!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

All a buzz at DigIn

The oregano and lavender are in full flower at the moment.  The bees and butterflies love it!  Not just lots of species of bumblebees but some honeybees too.  Great to see all of these vital and under threat pollinators feeding from the herb bed at DigIn.


Lady of the Lake

Ok, ok, so its a damselfly from the pond!  Not sure what species this is but it might be a blue tailed damselfly.
Anyone know for sure?  We have lots of damselfly activity in the pond at the moment and loads of cute little froglets.  Hopefully, when they grow up, they'll help in taking care of the slugs we have.  They certainly won't starve ...

Wednesday's Harvest

Just some of the lovely crops we're harvesting at DigIn at

the moment.  The carrots may look a little dubious but will taste great, and have zero food miles.  Even the carrot fly hasn't got a look in this year.  Nice beetroot ...

Dragons in the pond

Here's a picture of a Dragonfly larva from the Dig In pond.
 The dragonfly has actually already emerged from its shell and this is what is left behind in the pond.  This larval case is called an exuvia.  The dragonfly will probably only live for a week or two as an adult.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Vine pests

Naughty Nibblers caught having a good old munch on our vine leaves.  There were a good assortment of them turning our vine leaves into lace!  Does anyone know what sort of caterpillars they are?  We need to be vigilant out there ...