Sunday, 27 November 2011

Chris Swain Memorial

A dedication ceremony was held at Dig In on Saturday 26th November in remembrance of Chris Swain who sadly passed away this year. Chris was very dedicated, both to his family and the allotment, and he is missed by all of us, not only for his kindness and generosity, but also for his tireless contribution to both Pulp Friction and the Dig In Community Allotment.

In honour of his memory, a pear tree was planted in the Dig In orchard, along with a dedication plaque.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pumpkin Day Winners!

Congratulations to the following pumpkin exhibitors at the Annual Dig In Pumpkin Day event-

The Bradburn family - Largest pumpkin award (weighing in at 34.93 kgs).
Chris Davis' daughters - Joint winners for best dressed pumpkin.
Mystery exhibitor (unknown) - Strangest looking pumpkin.
Gary and Claire Swain - Honory prize for their misshapen pumpkin.

The event was one of our best attended so far, with around 180 adults and children (including volunteer helpers). A total of £124.67 was raised through a raffle and donations on the day, which will help towards seed, materials, tools and repairs for the next season.

Many thanks for all who attended, making Pumpkin Day a huge success. We also have some video footage of the event;