Monday, 23 February 2015

It's pruning time... out with the secateurs, loppers and pruning saws!

Here's Linda carefully sawing off an old stem on a blackcurrant. That'll make younger shoots grow, which is where you get most blackcurrants. 
 And here's Stephen and Sarah deciding what to prune on one of our Bramley's Seedling apple trees. Pruning (in my opinion!) can be quite a thoughtful task, one which you can lose yourself in. Till someone calls "TEA UP!"

Monday, 16 February 2015

Wild area gets a makeover!

 It was one of those February days where you need some nice warm work, so we decided to get started on a project we've meant to do for a while - sorting out the 'wild area' near the water butt. For a start, we needed to clear some nettles so getting water will not mean that we - or other plot-holders - will get stung.

 Of course nettles are great for wildlife, but these just weren't in a good place. Then it was all about pulling up carpet, yanking out bramble roots and digging out our old friend couch grass.

We got lots more done than we thought we would! This plot is going to be used as a new soft fruit area, with currants and gooseberries - we did think that if the brambles grow back we can pretend they are meant to be there!