Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pumpkin's Progress

Here's a pic of Big Max, the pumpkin.  It seems to have grown since last week.  We've rested it on top of the raised bed now as I thought the stem might snap under its ever increasing weight.

And here's a pic of a favourite of mine, Borage ...  Not just me that loves it, the bees do too.

I saw the young newt again in the pond, in the same place, sunbathing in the shallows.  But a real surprise was to see a rabbit in our "wild" area.  I've never seen a rabbit before at the allotment.  Wonder if we've any carrots left?!

And finally, I started to tidy up the herb bed which has grown very well this year.  Time to cut back the lavender so it doesn't get too woody.  Can you smell it?  A very pleasurable job.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Sunny Sunday

Such a warm and sunny Sunday after a rather windy & chilly Stapleford Carnival the day before.

Here are some pics from the allotment to show how lovely its looking at the moment.  If you haven't visited the allotment before, or for a while, and would like to come and join in with our informal gardening sessions please come along any Wednesday or Saturday morning between 10 & 12.  Just ring the doorbell on the side gate, someone will let you in.

Don't forget this year's Harvest Day event at Dig In
Saturday 24th October, 11-3pm

Ripening grapes - not ready yet

Pumpkin's filling out, hopefully ready
for Harvest Day at DigIn, 24th October

Baby newt, sunbathing

The orchard

Teasel next to the Bug Hotel - Bed & Breakfast for the bees :o)

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Here's a pic of what I think is a Lime Hawk Moth caterpillar.  It was quite a chunky thing clinging on to one of our raised beds at today's volunteer session.
I think it must be trying to find a place to pupate.  If it is a lime hawk moth, it will dig itself under the soil to pupate and will remain in this state over winter.  It will emerge from pupation next May, so we need to take care when using Raised Bed B!
The adult moth is very striking having green and pink markings on its wings and has a wingspan between 70 - 80 mm, so quite a large one!

And here's one of a very busy bumble bee, buzzing the pollen loose from the poppy.  If it was the same bee, it made many (noisy!) trips to this one flower.