Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pumpkin's Progress

Here's a pic of Big Max, the pumpkin.  It seems to have grown since last week.  We've rested it on top of the raised bed now as I thought the stem might snap under its ever increasing weight.

And here's a pic of a favourite of mine, Borage ...  Not just me that loves it, the bees do too.

I saw the young newt again in the pond, in the same place, sunbathing in the shallows.  But a real surprise was to see a rabbit in our "wild" area.  I've never seen a rabbit before at the allotment.  Wonder if we've any carrots left?!

And finally, I started to tidy up the herb bed which has grown very well this year.  Time to cut back the lavender so it doesn't get too woody.  Can you smell it?  A very pleasurable job.

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