Monday, 19 June 2017

(One of) the hazards of organic gardening!

Doing a spot of weeding in the tomato/lettuce bed & I found this whopper!
Needless to say, it now has a new home ...

Sat 17th June Cooking Workshop

Some pics from the workshop.

What's cooking? Flatbread and 3 soups: leek & potato, carrot & coriander and parsnip & apple!

Soups a-cooking ...

Flatbread beginnings ...
Blend that soup!!  Faster !!!

Weds 14th June Cooking Workshop

Some pics from the workshop.

What's cooking?  Vegetable curry & Naan bread, that's what!

Broad beans fresh from the plant

from the pod ...
... to the curry ...
Make some naan bread to go with that
Happy cookers!

Cooking Workshop Sat 3rd June

Here are some pics from the Cooking Workshop, held on Sat 3rd June.

What's cooking?  Herby garlic bread,  mackerel pasta salad and apple & blackberry crumble.  Yum!

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Here are some pics from the cooking workshop held on Weds and funded by The Big Lottery Fund.  Farah showed attendees how to make Tortilla, salsa and salad dressing to go with it - tasted amazing!!!
All of the salsa ingredients are being grown on the allotment this year, although not all ready just yet!

Come and have a Purrfect day at DigIn, you'll Bee ever so welcome ...

Yummy grass!

Monday, 1 May 2017


Yes its that time again...DIG IN will be holding its AGM on saturday May 20th at  10.15.The AGM will be held at the polytunnel (or outside depending on the weather) . We use this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the year as well as going through the formal governance necessities. Our committee will stand down and a new committee elected. Existing volunteers can stand again or new members are very welcomed into the fold. The formalities will be followed by a committee meeting which you will be welcomed to stay for.
We hope you can join us- please let us know so we can gauge numbers for refreshments- yes ... refreshments available too- How can you resist!!!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Bug hotel in action

This sunny weather has caused a lot of activity in and around a bug hotel, made at DigIn about 2 years ago.
Its mounted on my garden shed in full sun and has been used as a nest by leaf cutter bees and mason bees.  Its easy to spot the difference between the two species; the leaf cutters use parts of leaves to seal their nesting tubes and the mason bees use mud.
The tubes have been sealed all winter and the new bees are now emerging.
See the picture and short video for some action!
You can see the tiny holes in the mud where the new bee has pushed its way out.  On the roof of the lower bug box you can see bits of mud that have fallen from the upper bug box as the new bees emerge.

Heres a short video clip... if you have trouble viewing it on Apple Mac, enable Flash for this site on your computer or use the Google Chrome browser which gives an option to use Flash on the page which has the video.