Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Bees - 2 new colonies!

Helen Turner and Mary Venning have been looking to revive the Apiary. A stray colony has come by itself about a month ago to take up residence in Hive No 1.Helen has been feeding them 1:1 syrup to encourage them to stay. When we had a look at them they seemed active and happy with plenty of new brood in evidence. They were occupying 2 frames and we saw the queen!
Then on Monday 25th we went along to Pearson's farm to collect another colony, courtesy of Lee. We went in the evening hoping that most workers would have come home for the night. We taped up the hive and moved it to Dig-in, untaped it and left it on top of the Bessant Hive.
Then on Wednesday 27th we inspected the new colony. There were bees on 4 frames and again we saw the queen, so did David and Edwin. (Note to self- get more rubber gloves!) We moved the occupied brood box onto the stand and placed two supers above it without the queen excluder. This is so the bees will be encouraged to move up into our accommodation.Later we can return Lee's brood box to him.
We now have to see if they stay with us or decide to go back to Pearson's farm as I'm not sure if it's 3 miles away.Watch this space!

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  1. Hi Mary,

    There was plenty of bee activity today around both hives (as soon as it stopped raining and the sun came out). The bee shed window makes for an excellent observation point as it overlooks the entrance to hive 2.