Friday, 19 April 2013

Eco-loo Official Opening

Since the project's conception, the absence of a toilet on the allotment has left many a poor volunteer and visitor cross-legged and running to the nearby pub to use their facilities. After several years of discussion and planning, we are now delighted to announce that this Wednesday saw the official opening of the Dig In Eco-loo. 

Following an opening speech by Lauren, Roy tested and approved the disabled access ramp, also doing us the honour of cutting the ribbon. Tim (the builder of the facility along with James) also dropped in for a visit and Jill, Claire and Helen made some fabulous cakes and tasty snacks to round off the event.

A special thanks to our wonderful and generous benefactor who provided the funding for the build from a legacy left by his father and to Stapleford Town Council/Broxtowe Borough Council for all their help with the planning permission. 

Roy cuts the ribbon as Lauren looks on

Tim the proud builder (along with James)


  1. Fab! Can now keep going much longer and I hope it will attract more volunteers. Mary

  2. What a lovely building! Nicky