Friday, 23 October 2015

Work Party "Intu" Dig In!

We had a phenomenal team from Intu at Dig In today.  About 30 took part and really threw themselves into the tasks we had planned for them.  Thanks to Alan from RCAN for arranging it for us.  We have many tasks that never seem to get done as we are so busy with plants (and weeds) in the growing season.  The task list seems to get longer each year (which is why we can always do with an extra pair of hands - you don't have to be a gardener, just able to do a bit of DIY!).  The Intu team made new raised beds, dug out an area next to the Polytunnel to flatten it out and then laid weed suppressant fabric & woodchip on top - looks really smart now!

Many of the paths were weeded & topped up with woodchip, a new sail shade put up - it's waterproof too, might come in handy tomorrow at the Harvest Event!

The tyre wall was removed, weeded, then put back in place with rubble & gravel inside and looks so much better!

Some of the sheds and the gazebo have had a new coat of preservative and lots of other jobs were tackled.

One of the team left us with a pumpkin carved with the Intu logo which looks very smart.
Massive thanks to all of the Intu team, Alan, and not forgetting Jill, Dig In volunteer /PulpFriction who made soup and bread for the day and the other DigIn volunteers who pitched in to help.

Alan tidying up after the work party

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