Wednesday, 30 March 2016

An Early Spring Round-up

On a day which felt like the first day of spring it seemed a good idea to go round photographing what's growing now. It's a surprising amount...

 This year we've tried 'forcing' rhubarb but keeping it in the dark. You can see how different it is compared with the stalks which don't fit under the container. Time to harvest it next Saturday!

 Onions sown in November are doing well, and onion sets sown this week and last are biding their time.

 This is the green manure crop Phacelia. It is grown to protect the soil and to provide organic matter when it is dug in. But Phacelia isn't supposed to over-winter! It just goes to show what a mild winter we have had.

 The compost bins were turned a couple of weeks back and all is looking snug.

 Heritage peas and leeks and Morton's Special Mix lettuces.

 Carrots and rocket growing away well. We sowed thick because it was an old packet of carrot seeds... They were obviously still very good!

 Spinach beet raring to go.

 At the back, from left to right: red mustard; spinach; komatsuna (a bit like a giant spinach, but cabbage family). In front, lettuces under their nice new cloche.

 Perennials and holly waiting for summer.

The by-products of pruning: lots of lovely cuttings!

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