Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sunday catch up

Everything is growing so quickly at the moment, we have lots of French beans (haricot verts as our French volunteer would have it) and runner beans.  It seems as soon as we've finished picking some there are more ready, not that we're complaining, there's nothing quite like picking veg & then cooking & eating it soon after, so fresh and virtually zero food miles!

We've had a good crop of onions too.

The pumpkins, after a slow start, have really caught up.  We were hoping to time it right so that we'd have pumpkins for carving at our Harvest Day coming up on Sat 22nd October, but a couple of them look ready now with 7 weeks to go!

The (ahem, award winning) vine cuttings that we took in January are looking very healthy.  They've been nurtured in the polytunnel and have put on a lot of growth.  Check out the picture taken in May and one taken today to see the difference!

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