Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Winter Work

We've had great work going on during this winter at Dig In, getting some jobs done that we've been wanting to do for ages!

 First off we tidied up and tidied out the polytunnel, then donned face-masks...

 ...and removed all the old dusty woodchip to mulch soft fruit.

 We had a sunny cuppa that day, surrounded by all the stuff from the polytunnel!

A couple of weeks later, our woodworking team re-designed and re-built the staging so it is lower and more solid. Ready for loads of plants!

Meanwhile, lots of us have been taking compost out of the giant compost bins and spreading in on all the beds. Here the compost is being sieved before being barrowed to its new location.

Theres also some actual horticulture happening too! Here we were planting onion sets and garlic so they get a head start.

And here we're digging up weeds in the soft fruit plot.
Happy times!

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