Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Bird Feeder Workshop

A chilly day for April but there was warm company in the polytunnel this afternoon at Dig In for our Bird Feeder Workshop.

 Making different lard and seed mixes

 Yummy! Apricots and.... mealworms!

Making sure it is all well mixed in!

Pine cones make good bird-feeders...
  ...when bird seed and lard are squidged into them.

 David drilled holes into some rather lovely hazel logs.

 We put some of the mixture in here too.

 Mealworms and cheesy maggots! Nom nom nom
  Yep! That's a loo roll. Spread with peanut butter and rolled in bird-seed!

 Displaying what we've made - some went up round Dig In, the rest has gone all round Stapleford and beyond.

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  1. It took a few days before any birds visited my log/pine cone feeders, but I found that positioning is important (with some food holes completely emptied, whilst others remained untouched). Turning the log around or hanging it from a different branch helped the birds access previously untouched food holes.