Saturday, 12 May 2018

Spring at last!

It's been a funny old spring this year - snow, rain, sun, rain again... The plants just didn't know what to do! But May arrived and it has brought spring at last - we hope! It has also brought children to us - over the last few weeks we have had classes from all three of our local schools, plus Brownies and Beavers. Tadpoles are popular...

Dig In isn't just a place for gardening, it is somewhere to learn about nature. We've been finding what minibeasts we can find in the grass, in the trees, and in the compost bins.

Here's a slug!

The longed-for nice weather has allowed us to get to grips with the grass...

  ...and the kale which has done us so well throughout the winter.

 We've also been cleaning tools ready for next week's groups...

 ...and Roy has been cleaning labels so we can re-use them and not buy more plastic.

 We've loads of seedlings growing in the polytunnel...

 ...and finally got the weather for cleaning the roof! H one side, D the other, "To You To Me To You To Me"

Must be time for a cuppa by now!
If you'd like to join us, we have volunteer sessions on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10am to noon. That does include a tea break! Just get in touch and pop down to have a look.

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