Wednesday, 22 April 2020

With a roll of imaginary drums we are pleased to announce.... The BIG Dig In Virtual Veg Show!! 

See our two Facebook events or the poster below.
You CAN take part even if you've not got a garden - several classes are for windowsill growing.
You CAN take part if you've not got seeds - we're giving some away.
You CAN win prizes - but only if you take part!

Part 1 is the quick windowsill gardening classes, and we're going to have a Virtual Veg Show on 30th May - so you've got just over a month! That's plenty of time to grow a forest of carrot tops, to create the best cress head, the best windowsill salads, or the loveliest Miniature Garden. 

Part 2 will be the plants which take a bit longer - the tallest sunflower, the best mini-pots, or the flowery-est wildflower meadow. More about those later! We'll celebrate the winners inmid-August - and who knows, by then we may be able to meet up.
So... get growing! And if you need a helping hand, let us know, and we'll do what we can - at a distance!
Keep well.
The Dig In Team

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