Thursday, 1 July 2010


Yesterday 30th July, in glorious sunny weather, Dig in volunteers working with the community nurtionist team held the third 'come cook on the allotment' session. Cooking dahl, sagoo aloo,biriyani, riata and salad volunteers,members of the public, Staplefords deputy mayor helped to cook and learn key tips and ideas on staying healthy.Jackie and Mia looked at the Eatwell plate with the group, in probably the most beautiful place they have ever put it , next to the DIG IN pond.Volunteers dug up carrots, potatoes and chard and used strawberries and raspberries and mint in the recipes.
Thanks to Jas for bringing his spices , ideas and expertise,Mary and Gill for their years of experience and joy of cooking ( and time) and the Mia and Jackie for their knowledge, resources and sense of adventure in tackling the sometimes testing nature of cooking on a working allotment. A fantastic collaboration, showing the best way of getting the enjoyment and pleasure out of cooking healthy food.Big thanks to everyone who came along, all our regulars and new people and especially Evelyn, Marys mum who stuck it out in the heat!
Next cook 4life session is on July 28th 10-12.30 at the site.

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  1. what is a good day to come downnand lend a novice helping hand