Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spring 2011

An awful lot has happened since last entry. Several of us visited the Summerwood allotment mainly to look at their compost toilets (very impressive) but also to just look at another site.
It was huge, had countless sheds & greenhouses, not one but 2 eco loos, a clay pizza oven, a bee hive and a very natural looking pond. One of the fun things was a bicycle powered apple press which we persuaded Kathy to have a go on.
We came away more inspired and more determined than ever to get an eco loo on site. If I can remember how to do it I may post some pictures.
The other really major thing is that we have secured some local food funding and got a project worker, Lauren Kinnersley, for the Dig for Life project. We are hopimg this will help us do all sorts of events and developments, particularly to draw in more people to Dig-In and build in some sustainability. Mary V

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