Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dig In Pumpkin Festival 2010

Just back from a wonderful Pumpkin Festival at Dig In. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, and even luckier with the number of fantastically artistic people who volunteered to help us carve pumpkins to decorate the site and who cooked fabulous pumpkin-based food for the event. Dave, our pumpkin poet last year, visited us again to provide another brilliant poem, this one with its own dance, and Pulp Friction provided us with non-stop hot pumpkin soup.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered both beforehand and on the day - it made a huge difference to be able to spread the workload, and really helped our 149 visitors to have a great experience. Thank you also to the Groundwork team who added to the work of our regular groups to make the site look really spick and span on the day. And we mustn't forget those who entered the competitions, especially those who made the huge effort required to bring along their giant pumpkins.

Congratulations to our Prize Winner Mr. Fisher, with his 110kg monster pumpkin, and to Mr. Genivere who was a worthy runner up. Both gentlemen have generously donated their pumpkins and their seeds to us, so we look forward to giving these out next year and seeing what folk manage to grow from them!

Here are a few photos to give you a flavour of the event.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks and congratulations to DIG IN volunteers and Tracey on another wonderful event. How did we manage to book such beatuiful october weather???

  2. looks like fun was had by all! and such great weather - must be doing something right!