Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Pumpkin Fun for Albany Nursery

The morning and afternoon classes of Albany Nursery visiting Dig In today to have a look around the allotment and help us harvest our pumpkins, ready for our Pumpkin Festival on 30th October.

They had a wonderful time looking at the bee hive and the pond, testing out the different smells of the herbs and choosing pumpkins to lift. 

Then they discovered how big the biggest pumpkin ever grown was (currently 1725lbs and 5.15m in circumference), by standing in a circle the same size as the pumpkin's girth. After that, we weighed all the children, added the weights together and found that they would need 3 classes the size of the morning group to weigh the same as the record pumpkin, or 4.5 classes the size of the afternoon group (which had less pupils). We rounded off the visit with a taste of pumpkin pudding, which nearly everyone tried (even the adults!)

Thank you to the staff at the Nursery and all the parents, grandparents and carers who came down to make the visit possible. And a special thank you to our allotment neighbour who helped make the visit extra-special by showing the children their chickens and letting them help to feed them.


  1. found you again!

    the pumpkins look carving fingers are twitching already! How long have you had the beehive???

  2. We've had the beehive for over a year. There are actually 2, side by side. They have just taken the honey from one of them. The kids thought they were amazing!