Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Capital One - September Volunteer Work Party

On Thursday 30th September, an intrepid band from Capital One came to Dig In to help us revamp the planting around the pond, and to do battle with the Horseradish Monster!

They worked with a will, digging out the worst of the weeds, planting up with new pond plants and wildflowers, and removing huge amounts of algae from the pond.

Horseradish removal showed what a brute this plant is. The roots of the plant are incredibly deep, and you need to wear safety goggles to avoid the juice from them going into your eyes, and waterproof gloves to protect you hands. The team ended up collecting 3 buckets full of horseradish root - if anyone wants fresh horseradish sauce, we can help!

The pond area now looks great, so many thanks to Capital One for all your efforts.

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