Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Childminders' Cook and Eat Session

Lovely weather for a busy morning at Dig In! Old friends Draycott Childminders and Stapleford Childminders came to get their gardens sorted for the spring and to try some tasty healthy food cooked by the fabulous Mary and Angela. Dig In volunteers watered, planted potatoes, potted on salads and also tried some tasty healthy food!

 Sharon and team pull up the giant parsnip!

 Look at how many hairy legs it's got!

 Digging over the Draycott plot.

 Digging over the Stapleford plot.

 Sowing seeds...

 And covering them up.

Time for Rainbow Couscous, Moroccan Checkpeas, Raita and Coleslaw! That's Angela and Mary in the background.

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