Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pond Work

Three vols got stuck in this Sunday afternoon to tackle the pond area and boy, did it need it!  The recent rain & warm weather has been ideal growing conditions for the grass around the pond and for the aquatic plants (well, the rain hasn't affected them that much as they're already in water...). 

We've been so busy preparing for Hemlock Happening and our own Fruity Saturday events and workshops that we've not had time to tackle all of the jobs on our ever increasing, long list.  If anyone fancies coming down to the allotment to give us a hand, we'll be pleased to see you!  You don't have to know about gardening, just be able to pull up weeds at the moment!

The long grass has been cut back from the pond edges and we can actually see into there now!  There's still some work to be done actually in the pond, cutting back some of the plants that have started to take over, but a good start has been made.  We have stylish waders if anyone fancies taking on the challenge...

Here are some Before and After pics (the Before is on the left, just in case you can't see the difference - ha-ha!!!)

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