Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday Summary (not Summery!)

A day of little jobs today.  Watered the plants and newly sown seeds in the polytunnel and spotted a cucumber which has just appeared from nowhere!  Saw it yesterday but I'm sure it wasn't there when it was planted a couple of weeks ago.  These things grow so quickly!

While on my walk around I noticed a HUGE raspberry.  There's a pic here so you can see for yourself.  We'll be slicing it up to feed us for the week!

The second strawberry bed is now weeded and ready for its straw.

The onions are just waiting for some sun to dry them off & then we'll be harvesting them before too much longer.

And finally a few flower pics.  They're looking great all over the site at the moment.  Not definite what the blue spikey flower is (bugloss?) but its stunning.

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