Thursday, 29 April 2010

First Cook-in of the season

I don't know precisely how many people came to the first cook-in of the season - about a dozen E2E people with attendant trainee social workers and tutors, then there were volunteers old and new, and various completely new people who Ben tried to sign up as volunteers. Perhaps 30?

Anyway there were heaps of people and the weather was nice for a change. Jackie Henson, NHS nutitionist held the attention of the young people with her 'healthy plate' and 'guess the sugar content' activities. The deck near the pond made a lovely outdoor classroom while the assorted others set up four cooking stations, each with several chopping boards, stoves, knives and other equipment.

I don't know about the others' experience but my young people attacked the veggies with gusto making nice fine slices for stir-frying. Maybe the opportunity to use a cleaver was the draw. One of our visitors, Jas luckily knew how to set up the portable stoves. Apparently he does this sort of thing for a living. The wind got in the way and several of the young folk moved my whole cooking station into the polytunnel, which was much better.

Anyway tons of food was made - Spanish omelette, salad and a sort of rhubarb tiramisu - and devoured. After the YPs had left Gill made a second spanish omelette,we cobbled together a potato salad and we discovered Ben's crop of sprouts which we added to leftover salad and had a grown-up's lunch. All v nice.

Then there was the seemingly endless washing up and sorting.

Basically a good time was had by all and we are eager to do the next one.

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