Monday, 26 April 2010

Here is Ben and 'mini Ben' last wednesday.
Such lovely weather, the site is really starting to come to life now, and the seeds we sowed a couple of weeks ago are begining to germinate now too, and it's becoming apparent that I did indeed have the help of my two daughters, as all sorts of intersting mixtures of seed are appearing in some of the pots :$ - oops!
Our 40 mixed sunflower seeds are growing at home now too, and we intend to bring some to the site and brighten up the entrance area, for everyone to enjoy!
We also continued to dig over the beds remove weeds and dig in barrows full of course sand.
I started a new bed for comfrey.
I'm interested in trying harvesting some nettles to make our own fertiliser for later on, waste not want not! However I believe we are now Nettle free, so perhaps a walk of the site and sounding area.


  1. Ben, I enjoyed your email threatening to put Mary in the compost bin should she try to get you involved in the committee in any way shape or form, quite an image that conjured up too! - so funny, I needed that :)

  2. Hello Nicola,
    Let me know once your email is unclogged.

    If you need nettles, I have plenty on my allotment. I've often thought we should have the odd foraging day, but there's really never enough days in the week.

    You'll have to show me where you put the comfrey: is it in one of the beds or just a spare piece of ground? Likewise, do you want me to prepare one of the proper beds nearest the entrance for your sunflowers, or are you thinking of putting them on that grassy corner? Perhaps see you Wednesday, when you can direct me.


  3. Hi Ben - email now sorted! Sunflowers have started to grow despite my planting them all upside down!
    The comfrey is right on the corner as you come in, it's no a proper bed yet, bu we needed a home for the ones we found growing in another bed, we plan to move them across as we find them, could use some proper digging over though as I was pulling rubble out and lots of root.
    Sunflowers, I have no plans yet just that I thought it would be nice from the road to have that impact and be inviting for visitors, so if you have some ideas....?