Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Seeds of growth

Lots of seeds being sown today. The little paper pots were all made by Kathy using a wooden former, a huge pile of newspaper, and an endless supply of patience. This is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than lots of plastic pots which use lots of oil in their production. If we all use less oil, we might not need our 'leaders' to attack so many gulf oil states. Hey, Dig In builds the road to world peace! When the seedlings grow, we can pop the whole thing into the ground and the paper pot just rots down into the earth and produces less root disturbance (= stronger plants = more lovely veggies.)
Two new visitors today: Owen and Linda came along for the first time to see what we do. They braved a heavy shower of rain as we did the grand tour of the site, and Owen even got his hands dirty with the seed-sowing. They're both lovely people and we're all hoping they'll stay with us and help the project to grow.
So: world peace, lovely veggie, and wonderful people - not a bad day's work.

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