Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Many hands

Plenty of people on site today, so we shared out all the jobs that needed doing.

Good to see Perveen back with us and Mary had overcome her poorly foot too. They joined in with Yvonne and Dominic, who were along for their first morning at the plot. All these good people teamed up to tidy up and weed the sensory beds, which are filled with herbs and flowers and are designed to look, smell, taste, and feel varied and wonderful. Even the pathways are studded with colourful marbles and tactile shapes you can feel underfoot as you stroll by. Some of the plants will need to be replaced in the spring as 'annuals' don't usually make it through the winter.

Nicola, Sean and Kingslee did a similar job of tidying up the bed and structure which is intended to house ladybirds: or Ladybirdland, as I like to call it. Didn't see any of the little spotted chaps, but hopefully they're sleeping through the winter in their snug little holes ready to emerge fresh and hungry to eat all the aphids that will want to eat our veg. That's our happy band in the picture, with Ladybirdland on the right.

Mary had brought a huge bag of donated seeds, which ben sorted into our seed store, ready for sowing at the correct time. Meanwhile, Kathy had a site visit and discussion with an eco-loo expert as we're looking at the feasibility of building a composting toilet.

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