Thursday, 4 March 2010

Trip to Ryton 29-02-2010

So we got there a bit late thanks to satnav (who sounded like Henry Kissinger) and me remembering a different way. About 20 assorted and interesting looking people. 2 presentations - one presentation about the goals and objectives (all SMART - can't remember what S stands for, but measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound, so they involved a lot of numbers) and one with pictures about actual unusual veggies. (Particularly liked the chick peas)

Anyway we got the idea - it's a 2 yr project with the aim of gathering info and seeds of exotic (as in non-native) veggies and encouraging lots of people to grow them and generally increase the range of plants we can grow in this country. HDRA also want feedback on cultivation, cooking and eating.

As a group of people ready to try most things we were keen to participate and spread the word. Fits in well with our AAH Veg project (Asian And Heritage Veg). Seems sensible with the advance of climate change to widen the range of foodstuffs available to us. Who knows, maybe within a generation we'll be growing bananas and mangoes, yum!

Then there was a fascinating look at the seed-saving area followed by lunch and shopping.

Lunch was lovely yellow rice with either Thai green veg curry or lamb stew, or for greedy omnivores like me a bit of everything.

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