Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Clearing the ground

At last. We've eventually found a morning that has been kind to us, and begun to set spade and fork into the soil for 2010.

Sandwiched between last night's snow and this afternoon's showers, we enjoyed a nippy but dry and bright morning. With fork, spade and trowel in hand, Kathy, Gill and ben set to clearing the first of the beds. We also popped a few flower bulbs into the soil; perhaps a little late, but they should hopefully spring up in due course and add some joyful colour to the Spring.

We also met with a new eager grower, Sean, who will be joining us to help out on the allotment. Sean, who has been working with a local volunteering scheme, comes highly recommended as a bit of an expert with a strimmer, so amongst other activities there'll be plenty for him to do when the grass begins to take over our community orchard again. Welcome Sean - we look forward to having you alongside.

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  1. I love the picture, Ben. It looks as if you've thatched the wheelbarrow!

    Managed to post this comment to the post below - which is why it's deleted - having a dim evening.